The Professional Women’s Coalition for Sexuality and Health, established in 1997, initially aimed to reflect the perspectives of women in the medical and health care systems and to realize a society where both men and women could lead fulfilling lives. The catalyst for its establishment was the approval issue surrounding low-dose birth control pills.

Since its establishment, the association has been actively engaged in awareness-raising activities through seminars and symposiums. While Japan approved oral contraceptives for the first time in 1999, prejudices and misunderstandings persisted. This prompted the association to focus on the next challenge: how to nurture a preventive and lifelong health perspective among Japanese women, provide them with scientifically based information, and empower them to choose and use information according to their individual lifestyles.

Subsequently, the association has welcomed new members and launched projects addressing various issues in women’s medical and health care. It has been active in various fields such as sex education, sexually transmitted infections, fostering self-determination skills, women’s health and menopause in the workplace, cervical cancer prevention, and smoking cessation campaigns.

Today, the association continues its activities for reproductive health rights, women’s health, and happiness.

photo from 20th anniversary symposium in 2017

Five pillars for our activities

  1. Promoting Health and Rights in Sexuality and Reproduction from a Women’s Health Perspective
  2. Advancing Healthcare and Health Systems to Achieve Comprehensive Women’s Health
  3. Achieving Education on Sexuality and Health Accessible to Everyone from Children to Adults
  4. Conducting Interdisciplinary Research on Women’s Health for Evidence-Based Healthcare
  5. Proposals for Creating Accessible Healthcare and Social Structures Unaffected by Disease, Disability, or Age